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With over 4 million successful bids on first dates and 3 million members, whatsyourprice.com takes speed-dating to the next level. The most peculiar thing about the platform is the unique technique it utilizes in bringing prospective matches together. On what’s your price, sugar daddies and mommies can place bids on prospective first dates and a sugar boy, or baby can choose to either accept or decline the bid based on personal preferences. This approach removes the stigma from dating for mutual benefits and increases the chances of the success of a first date by a whopping 60%.

There are two categories of members on the platform, and upon registration, you will be requested to specify which category you belong to alongside what you’re looking for in a prospective match. The first category of members referred to as “generous” are sponsors, mentors, and benefactors to the other category of members referred to as “attractive.” The primary role of an attractive member is to attract a generous member for an ambidextrously valuable relationship. Generous and attractive members can be of either sex; attractive female members, nonetheless have been observed to get more first date bids than attractive male members.

After you have chosen to either bid on dates or get paid for dates, registration is free and fairly straightforward from that point on. An email confirmation is nevertheless required to access the full site. When you complete your profile registration by verifying your email address, you will be redirected to a page where all information required to locate your profile in advanced filter searches will be asked of you. This information includes your area of residence, body type, ethnicity, education level, income bracket and lots more. You can also only access the messaging function after your email address has been verified, and a profile photo has been added.

The least bid a generous member on whatsyourprice.com can offer id $5. There is no maximum bid limit. This implies that a generous benefactor may pay anything between $5 and an infinite sum to secure a first date. In addition to receiving bids, attractive members also have the option of countering bids with their preferred amount.

The site features a messaging platform which can only be unlocked when a bid has been offered and accepted. This eliminates the possibility of having conversations with prospective mates before bidding on them. Once a bid is accepted, the attractive member is expected to go on a physical date with the bidder during which the stipulated amount is to be paid in full.

What’s your price is a breakthrough in online niche dating.  Relationships propagated on the platform are often of a benefactor/beneficiary type, and members often complain of a plethora escorts and materialistic women on the platform. The lack of an in-site payment portal also makes the guarantee of payment less reliable.