Tips for Sugar Baby Avoid Making Mistakes In An Arrangement Relationship

So, you just joined a sugar daddy dating site as a sugar baby and you look forward to meeting a rich sugar daddy who can satisfy all your financial, emotional, and physical needs. Great! Welcome!

Well, back to reality. Yes, that is all a dream. It is not a walk in the park.

You don’t get to join a dating site, get a daddy and all goes eternally smooth. That’s so far from the reality. There are lots of hurdles in the sugar dating – from the moment you joined a sugar daddy dating to when you start dating one.

The beginning is always filled with thrills that make you think – such heaven! But alas, without being careful, a little mistake can ruin it all.

Let’s take a moment to consider some of the mistakes sugar babies make and how you can avoid these mistakes in your sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship.

1.Being Desperate
One common mistake with sugar babies is being ‘desperate.’ In a bid not to lose a potential sugar daddy, they make themselves ‘too’ available to him even before an arrangement is made. This is common with virtually every sugar baby. Girl, I know you have been searching for months on end but that shouldn’t be a reason to be at his beck and call. True, as a sugar baby, you are expected to deliver at all times – whenever he needs you to, but that should come after the arrangement. Do not start playing the role of his sugar baby before he makes you one.

2.Underselling Yourself
Another fatal mistake seen with most sugar babies is selling themselves too short. This is usually due to the erroneous thinking that being too pricey means he will go to the next girl. When in fact, selling yourself short tells him you do not know your worth as such he can treat you as he sees fit. That’s the shocking truth that most sugar babies fail to realize. These men are, most often than not, more experienced than you are. They, most likely, have been in other sugar relationship before you. They know the cards to play and just how to asses each sugar baby. Take a stand. Know your worth. Do not get me wrong, I’m not asking you to exploit him, I’m saying do not be scared to tell him what you actually want.

3.Putting All Hopes On ‘Him’
As a sugar baby, it is important to avoid putting your eggs in one basket. Yes, he seems nice and he is just the man you have been searching for. But that is no reason to retract your bait and fold up the net. Keep fishing girl! Until an arrangement is made, he is just one of the hundreds of men on the website. Do not stop communicating with others. Be sure to establish as many relationships as you can until an agreement is reached.

4.Failure to Set Clear Terms From the Start
Girl, you are in this relationship for a reason. Let him know what your terms are. You are not here to worship him. Yes, you will perform your duties as a sugar baby but you have to be sure he ‘will and can’ reach your expectations too. Set the terms clearly. No mincing words! Let him know what you want from the very start because that is the only time you can. Do not be fooled into thinking you will let your terms down easily – a step at a time. That is not the way it works around here, girl. This is business. Let him know early enough so that you can tell if you have reached your bus stop or you should keep searching. Be bold!

5.Being Unappreciative
Let’s face it, no one likes being taken for granted – not even sugar daddies. Now, you have caught the big fish you have always wanted. It is no time to relax, girl. Get working! Look out for the things he likes and always ‘deliver.’ Above all, you should always appreciate him. Let him know he is the best and that you are happy being with him. Appreciate him and he will stay longer!