Things to Talk About on the First Date with A Sugar Daddy

It might seem a little weird starting a conversation with sugar daddies especially if you are new at the game. In fact, I find it uncomfortable talking with older men generally.

After months of searching, you are finally called on a date. What do you say? How should the conversation go? Who should do the talking? What are the no-go topics to stay away from?

These are some of the questions sugar babies ponder upon before dating a sugar daddy.

These men are good at making money not keeping girlfriends. Therefore, it is part of your job description, as a sugar baby, to start the conversation and keep it fun and lively also.

Leaving the conversation dry is not a good way to start off. That alone could ruin your chances of being called again.

Generally, men like talking about themselves. So, make the conversation more about him than your personal life.

Here are some safe topics you can try out on your next date.

1.Career and Goals
This is a safe topic to dwell on. Ask about his career – why he chose the field? What is the best part of his profession? Will he trade it for another profession? Does he have any goal he aims to achieve still? You can also tell him about your goals but let it be 80% about him.

Who does not love food! Get to know his favorite meal, the food he will like to try out, the food he does not like, etc. You could go as far as asking about his favorite restaurant even. What harm can that really cause?

This is yet another safe topic to get to know him better. Get to know about the things he spends his free time on and dwell on each activity as a different topic. Why did he pick such a hobby? When did he start out? How often does he indulge in such activities? etc. Just about anything that won’t make him uncomfortable while you get to know him.

On the topic of background, be sure to get to know more about him but do not make it sound like an investigation. You can ask about his lifestyle, where he is from, and the likes. Sure, he wants to know about you too but make it simple. Do not spend the entire time talking about yourself.

Most sugar daddies have quite an experience in traveling. It could be due to the nature of his profession or for leisure. You will get to hear stories from his travel experiences and maybe you have been to some of these places too. A good way to start bonding, right?

It is also safe to talk about his favorite entertainment. This does not just help you know him better; you will get to know those things to expect as his sugar baby too. Also, this can help you learn the things to do to keep him happy, which is your number one duty as a sugar baby.