Sugar Babies and The Money Talk

The topic of monthly allowance and how it should come – in gift or cash - is one of the most dreaded topics for both new and old sugar babies. Sugar babies are rather overly concerned about how they are perceived by their sugar daddies – and for good reasons. While that is a good thing, some sugar babies use that as an excuse to shy away from the money talk.

They end up receiving a meager pay in a bid to not come across as being money conscious or selfish.

And that is where they get it wrong. It is okay to put up a good show but let’s face the truth – the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is all about the money [at least to a large extent].

These men have been in the game way too long to know just how to play their cards. Some of them are really manipulative [what do you expect from men who have garnered several years of experience]. It is up to the sugar baby to show that she knows her worth. Else, these men are ready to pay you what you think you are worth.

As daunting as the money talk is, I advise sugar babies to always be ready to have the talk with every potential sugar daddy. Know your worth and let him know how much you are worth. Truth is, sugar daddies are ready to dish out money for the right sugar baby. However, they want to know how much you are worth and what you bring to the table first. Use this card to your advantage.

Some sugar daddies are straight forward. They tell you how much they can pay and allow you to decide if the pay is worth your attention or not. Typically, that is how it should be. Meet a sugar daddy, make an arrangement, and others fall through. Alas, that is not always the case.

Notwithstanding, a sugar daddy will always rate you based on your worth. And by that, I do not mean your net worth. These men are smart and can easily sniff out a pretender. Be real. Let him know how much is acceptable as payment. Be clear with your needs. Do not go beating around the bush. Clearly state what you need and how much you feel is worth it. But be sure to keep it simple and sweet. The last thing you want is to show him that you are out for his money only.

Yes, that is basically why you are in the arrangement relationship but he doesn’t need to be reminded of that. Don’t cheese him off. And do not settle for peanut either.

Let’s put it in perspective.

  • Know your worth
  • Clearly state what you worth
  • And do not settle for anything less than you worth


  • Keep it real
  • Do not overdo it
  • Do not come across as selfish

And most importantly, be sure to bring something to the table. There are other sugar babies out there competing for that position. It is not enough to know your worth and show him that you do.  You have to give him reasons to spend his hard-earned cash on you. I guess that goes without saying.