My Life - Living As A Sugar Baby

Sugar daddy (SD) and sugar baby (SB) dating has existed for decades but with time it continues to evolve to fit the generation that exists. The term sugar babies hit the internet a few years back and has become a social topic. These relationships are seen as immoral and taboos but in reality people do not understand what they entail and why they continue to prosper despite the negativity they face.

I certainly do not understand the negative energy that people place around these relationships. I do not have a problem with two adults having a relationship in which both parties mutually benefit from each other. Life as a sugar baby is quite interesting I may add. As a sugar baby I can assure people that our lives is not what people imagine at all. It is actually quite the experience to date a sugar daddy. Is there sex involved? That depends with both parties and what they have agreed on. Mostly these relationships are all about companionship and a little bit of attention.

With the introduction of online dating sites life has been made easier for us, we do not have to go picking random men in hotels and bars. There are several sites that give us the avenue to meet and vet the sugar daddies before you meet them. These sites are numerous and they help looking for an arrangement dating that is safe and secure. Ensure you introduce yourself well and write the requirements and explain them carefully so as not to confuse the sugar daddies.

I registered myself on and wrote I was looking for someone who needed company and to have fun and I was willing to give them my time for a fee. I wrote down the arrangement I was looking for so as to date any sugar daddy on the site. A week later I met someone who became quite beneficial to me. Let’s call him Brad. Brad is a 50 year old man and owns a very successful law firm in upstate New York. Being a lawyer and a business man he is always busy. When he needs company he calls me up and I keep him company listen to him and in exchange I get about $5000 for the night. Today I have about 10 sugar daddies. What may come as a surprise to you is that I do not have sex with any of them.

Once a sugar daddy asks for sex I politely decline and walk away. Through my SDs I manage to pay my rent, live in a good apartment and have a comfortable yet lavish life. My student loans get paid every month. One of them even helped me start my own business and this helped me to grow financially.

Life as a sugar baby is not what people envision it to be. It is all about mutual benefits from two parties that consent to this kind of relationship. The SDs gets companionship from me and I benefit monetarily from them. I dress well enough to make them happy, listen to them and help them unwind from a long week and I get enough cash for a month in one night. I keep my distance and ensure not to get attached. For security purposes I also ensure they do not know my place and I never go to their houses, let’s meet in a hotel or somewhere else but not home. I do not see any problem with dressing up and being appreciated for who you are. As long as I am comfortable with it society has no right to judge.