MissTravel.com Review - #5 Sugar Daddy Site

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A luxury getaway is always exciting and refreshing to the soul. Passion and adventure are the elixirs of romance, and with misstravel.com, lovers can escape into an exhilarating world of adventure.  The website provides companionship to globetrotters seeking companionship on their trips around the world. So, how does it work?

The site provides travel sugar dating by connecting members with one another on scheduled trips. Once an account is and verified, generous members can upload information about a trip they are scheduled to embark on. Once the post is approved by the site curators, it is made visible to other users on the platform who can tag along by requesting to join the generous member on the trip.  There are three ways the site matches prospective lovers to one another. The first is the “Come to Me” option in which a “generous” host invites an “attractive” companion (male or female) on a casual date. The second is the “Travel with me” option, which is self-explanatory. Here, the “generous” sponsor can ask for an “attractive” member to travel with him on an all-expense-paid trip to a specified destination. The last option is “Show Me your Town,” and this entails an “attractive” member asking a “generous” user to sponsor an all-expense-paid trip to his town. These are all great ways to explore new destinations and build lasting friendships.

Signing up to Miss Travel is a quick and free process. A user can sign up, upload photos, and add users to a list of favorites all for free. Membership costs $60 for a month, $164 for three months and $300 for six months. The platform only allows users sign up with an active email address. After choosing a unique and permanent user name, you will be prompted to verify the email address you used for registration. This is a vital step, as registration will be marked as incomplete if this step isn’t completed. The entire process shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes.

There is no mobile application available for the platform yet; users may find this to be quite an inconvenience. The website, however, utilizes a mobile version which comprises all the features available on the desktop version. The mobile website is designed to be browser-friendly and utilizes an effective layout design. The user interface is also quite efficient, and the page loads in no time at all.

Is Miss Travel a safe platform? In a world of kidnappers and serial killers, this is the first question that comes to mind when an arrangement of this sort is mentioned. Is it safe to display your travel plans to millions of strangers on an online platform? Furthermore, is it advisable to embark on a trip with a total stranger?

While misstravel.com has successfully arranged over 200,000 trips, it is still important to employ discretion in your usage of the platform. When posting scheduled trips, a user should avoid including sensitive information such as flight numbers, hotel names and room numbers, and an intended plan of activities. This is to avoid the possibility of such sensitive information falling into wrong hands. For sugar babies on the other hand, ensuring your personal safety on a trip is vital. Ensure that you have extensive conversations with your travel mate about topics ranging from your values to your hobbies, personal beliefs and what is acceptable and unacceptable during the trip. It is also important to verify your travel partner’s identity before departure and to avoid going on international trips with people you are meeting for the first time. Visiting a tourist-friendly location is also advisable.

With a little discretion and the previously mentioned safety checks in place, misstravel.com should be a fun adventure and an exciting avenue to explore the world and perhaps find love in the process.