Meeting Your Sugar Daddy for the First Date: Best Things to Wear

If you are reading this, then chances are you just landed a sugar daddy of your dreams and are ready to make the best first impression. Congratulations, girl! I can say unabashedly that you have come to the right page.

First impression can make or break your the relationship you worked for weeks on arrangement dating site to find. Yes, like in the traditional dating world, first impression matters a lot.

Your sugar daddy must have seen your photos but this is the first time he will see you up close. Truth is, they always evaluate you from the first date to see if you are a good fit and to estimate what you are worth. Your allowance is hanging on a balance here, girl.

It is on the first date that arrangements are made. Therefore, you have to make sure to look your best while calmly calling him in. Knowing the dress sense of your sugar daddy would be a plus, but let’s face it, you are just meeting for the first time. You probably know little or nothing about him.

While it is advisable to look your best, it is also essential to know that these men are well versed in the game. They know when you are trying too hard. That could be a total turn off. Don’t panic though, here is a guide to help you pick the perfect dress for your first sugar date.

Your Clothes
The clothes you pick is typically affected by the weather condition and the venue of the date. Going in a simple yet classy dress for a date at a little cafe will totally do the trick but this may not work well for a drink in an upscale lounge. So, first things first, you have to know the venue so you can dress accordingly.

That said, it is worthy to mention that while you have to bring in the sex appeal, you shouldn’t take it to the extreme. Girl, leave something to his imagination. Don’t show up on your first date looking half naked. A skinny jean with a top is perfect. You can also go for the classic white and black. It never gets old.

Another tip to help expedite the decision making process is your ‘good spot.’ If your good spot is your legs, you may have to wear a short dress [just a little above the knee] to give attention to your legs. If yours is your waist then, you can’t go wrong with a strappy romper and a black belt. Do you want his attention to be on your boobs, then girl, leave some of the buttons undone – say one or two. Point is to sell your good spot while “not overdoing it.”

Your Shoes
The shoes you opt for depends largely on your clothes. So, you may have to decide on the above section first before proceeding to this section. Depending on your dress, a heel or a sandal will do just fine. For more attention on your legs, though, I would recommend wearing a heel. Stick with whatever works for you. And don’t push too hard.

Light Things Up with Some Accessories
Accessories add an elegant touch to whatever we wear. Also, depending on what you choose to wear, you should totally go for a bag to fit, a pair of eyeglass, or a wristwatch. You may want to make a combo for a more classy look – but that shouldn’t be for a drink in a cafe. Remember to dress according to the venue.

Final Take!
Whatever you do, make sure you go for your first date in a fitted dress and comfortable shoes and accessories. The quality of whatever you are wearing matters too. In fact, it matters more. Don’t go cheap.