I Am Not Having Sex For Money But For Benefits And Chemistry

While many people might believe that sugar babies engage in sex with sugar daddies for financial benefits only, the truth on the ground is quite different. In fact, a majority of sugar babies confess that they are not having sex with their sugar daddies for money, but for the "chemistry and other benefits." If you are looking for any information about sugar baby seeking sugar daddysugar daddy dating sitessugar daddy finders or any other data related to the title, then this is the right article for you.

Money or the Chemistry?

We recently interviewed a 27-year-old 'sugar babe' by the name Virginia* (not her real name for confidentiality) to find out the main reason why a majority of sugar babies engage in sex with their sugar daddies.

Even though she engages in sex with some of the men who pay her, Virginia doesn't classify herself as a sex worker. What's more? She never feels obligated to engage in sex with these men. In fact, she never refers to her sugar daddies as clients. Virginia confesses that she only participates in intimacy when there is 'chemistry' and when she is willing. When anything sexual is demanded of her without her consent, she turns down the offer and moves on to the next job.

Virginia, a primary school teacher from Costa Rica lives a normal life from Monday to Friday. She only escapes to a whole new world during the weekend to relieve some of the stressful moments faced during the course of the week.

"I try to escape from normal life and it feels heavenly. I am spoiled, I enjoy all the attention I crave and I am free to do whatever I want," Virginia confessess joyfully.

"I get to visit places that I wouldn't even dare to dream about in my normal life. I have had a rare chance to participate in auctions where artwork painted by famous artists like Pablo Picasso and the legendary Michael Angelo were auctioned."

"I have also enjoyed the luxurious yacht parties which I couldn't afford personally. All thanks to my three sugar daddies," she continues.

Virginia says that she took interest in sugar daddies after being fed up with "normal dating".

She says, "My dates were from my own city and my desire was to meet international people to exchange ideas."

After searching for what she wanted on the internet, She stumbled upon a fantastic website where older wealthy men would sign up in hope of finding a younger woman they wanted to lavish with dinners, gifts, and clothes.

The three men she sees are older than her. Two are Irish while one is British. Paul is 9 years her senior while Job and Fredrick (both from Ireland) are 26 years older than her. Even though all her men have different characters, it is impressive to share her life with generous men ready to do anything to make life worthwhile.

Before she met her first sugar daddy, Virginia had thought that being a sugar baby was prostitution. In fact, she suspected that many dates would end up in sex. The reality on the ground was pretty different. As a matter of fact, prostitution is not allowed on the site she used.

Final Purport

Virginia accepts that sugar babies do have sex with sugar daddies just like in any other relationship. However, it doesn't mean they are doing it for money.

"We are doing it because the chemistry is there and we want to do it," says Virginia.