How to Ask Your Sugar Daddy for An Allowance

The point of the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is keeping it mutually beneficial. A huge part of that is well, the sugar. The thing is, anything involving money should be navigated carefully. After spending time with your rich sugar daddy and getting to know each other, you’re ready for the money to start rolling in but probably don’t know how to ask. Let’s discuss.

Initially, get comfortable asking your sugar daddy for money. Start small to build your comfort level and gauge his generosity then move on to discussing your allowance. But, before you do, come up with a number but keep this figure to yourself. When determining this amount, take your expenses into account and then add some spending money. Unfortunately, people tend to low ball themselves. They get this idea that they must determine their monetary value based on their appearance and qualities. Humans don’t have a monetary value. The money exchanged during a mutually beneficial relationship is based on what works for both parties involved.

Next, ask your sugar daddy about his previous arrangement(s) and what their allowance was but do this after inquiring about his needs. For example, ask how often he would like to meet, what he expects from the relationship and so forth. Once the topic is on the table, ask what his range is. Whether you bring it up first or he asks what your ideal allowance is, take this approach.

Lastly, be confident and keep your business to yourself when asking for an allowance and during negotiations. When you’re asking for something, do it with your head held high and maintain eye contact. Most importantly, be direct and blunt (just don’t forget your manners as well as your charm. As for keeping your business to yourself, your sugar daddy doesn’t have to know about your credit card debt, student loans or bills. There’s no need to justify anything.