5 Things You Didn't Know About Sugar Babies

A lot has been said about the Sugar baby dating profession, mostly negative things. Many people tend to believe that Sugar dating involves the exchange of cash by the Sugar daddy for sex from the Sugar baby.

The Sugar babies are looked upon with disdain for what people see as an exploitation of the Sugar daddy for the sole purpose of personal aggrandizement or enrichment.

This point of view is erroneous, as a Sugar baby and a Sugar daddy benefit from each other. The relationship is quite mutual and can easily be brought to an end if any party feels he/she is not getting what is due them.

Sugar babies are like normal human beings, they have their strengths and weaknesses. There are good Sugar babies and there are bad ones. It is only fair that we get to know them before we form an opinion about what Sugar babies are or are not. Below are the attributes of Sugar babies:

They Have Regular Jobs: The notion that Sugar babies are just dependent on their Sugar daddy to provide for them is utterly baseless. Some Sugar babies have regular jobs, others have part-time jobs which they use to sustain themselves. They got into the Sugar daddy profession just to augment their earnings, not because they abhor hard work. 

Sugar Babies Are Regular People: Contrary to public opinion, Sugar babies are your everyday folks who may just be trying to raise money for their everyday needs. A large number of Sugar babies are students, this means that many people whom you see and interact with in your college are into arrangement dating.

They Do Not Advocate For Splits In Marriages Or Relationships: This may be difficult for you to believe, but it's the truth. Sugar babies often times are introduced to the spouse of their Sugar daddy. This ensures that the Sugar baby does not exceed her role in Sugar dating. Also, the Sugar baby would not want her Sugar daddy to interfere in her own personal life. And as such, she will let him deal with his family issues if he is married.

They Can Be Attracted To Sugar Daddies: Sugar babies are often genuinely attracted to their Sugar daddies. This is so because a lot of work is being put into selecting the right Sugar daddy. A Sugar baby would only be comfortable going out with a Sugar daddy whom she feels suits her. This attraction can eventually lead to something deeper. There have been cases of Sugar babies eventually dating and marrying their Sugar daddy. So the notion that Sugar dating is always one-sided, i.e the Sugar daddy being attracted physically to the Sugar baby, and the Sugar baby wanting just the money is totally wrong.

They Often Give More Than They Get: Contrary to the public opinion that Sugar babies are gold diggers, they actually give a lot to their Sugar daddy. Their sugar daddy may often go through a rough patch, the Sugar baby stays with him and offers him comfort. Also, the Sugar baby will meet with her Sugar daddy even if it was not planned, just to make him happy.