5 Important Sugar Dating Rules – The Dos

Whether you are an old or a new sugar baby, or just an adventurous young lady who wants to delve into the pool of sugar daddy dating, you ought to know what the rules are around here.
The dos;

Make Your Terms Clear

The first rule of sugar dating is to set clear terms. After meeting up with a potential sugar daddy, be sure to make your terms known before agreeing to any arrangement. These men are skilled in the art and most importantly, they have years of experience in this industry. Do not expect them to bring up the topic. It is your duty to state your terms. You will definitely meet some jerks who wouldn’t agree to your terms, let them go. There are other POTs who will happily agree to your terms. Do not let naysayers scare you.

Ascertain What Your Sugar Daddy Wants From You

One sure way of maintaining a successful sugar relationship is to meet the needs of your sugar daddy. These men are busy and do not have time for a ‘normal’ relationship else they would find one. Your role as a sugar baby is to ascertain what they need and satisfy them. You are there as the sugar to keep them happy and relaxed from the troubles of their day-to-day activities. Knowing what they want and satisfying them is the key to maintaining a long happy sugar dating.

Maintain Honesty

Honesty is the secret ingredient of maintaining a successful sugar relationship. Do not try and play smart. These men are verse in the sugar dating world and have acquired for themselves a wide range of life experiences. Don’t think you can outsmart them. Keep it real and simple. Be honest from the start and maintain that level of honesty until the end of the relationship.

Pay Keen Attention To Your Looks

One common mistake sugar babies make is to feel comfortable after ‘catching’ their dream sugar daddy. This is so wrong. There are lots of sugar babies waiting to snatch him away. A good way to grab his attention and stay on top the food chain is to pay keen attention to your looks. Do not get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you should dress half naked or like a stripper or prostitute. Far from it. I mean, pay attention to your look – the clothes you wear, your beauty accessories, your makeup, etc. Sugar daddies are of the habit of showing off their sugar babies. Make yourself attractive. Wear something you are comfortable in and remember to keep it simple and real.

Keep In Mind That Your Sugar Daddy Can Break Up With You At Any Point In Time

The freedom to walk out of the sugar relationship is both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on how you view it. Sugar dating doesn’t come with any strings (no emotional attachment whatsoever), as such, your sugar daddy is free to walk out at any point in time. Having this at the back of your mind, help better prepare you for eventualities to come. Remember you also wield the power to quit at any point in time.